Fitness – Our Group Fitness Classes at Fit 4 Life

Group fitness classes are great because there’s something about having a scheduled time, that makes us get over our procrastination and get our bodies going! It is also helpful to have an instructor tell or show you what to do.

Group classes can be great for those who want to work out with others, adding that social element as we can do it with friends. They are a nice alternative to other activities like running, walking or swimming, especially if the weather is bad and it is a weather-reliant sport or activity. (Which we may encounter in Auckland!)

Personally, I like to stand at the back in group classes as I get really self-conscious about my movements. I do enjoy them once I do them a few times though, so if you are a bit shy of classes like me, give them a shot!

At Fit4Life we try to provide a casual and relaxed feel. Class sizes are also not huge, so they are not too intimidating for the different fitness levels.

Currently at Fit4Life, we have two group fitness classes going on, Zumba and K-Fit!

Many of you may already know about Zumba as it is popular in many places. It is led by our enthusiastic instuctor Careen and it is a class based on Latin-dance moves and a lot of fun. It is also for all fitness levels! Careen is an experienced Zumba instructor who makes it easy to follow and get into.  If you feel a bit ‘un-co’ at first like I did, don’t worry, it take a few tries to get into the groove. It is the kind of class where you won’t notice you are working out until the song ends- or at least not quite as much as other activities.

If you are into something of higher-intensity and up for more of a sweat, try out ** K-Fit **, our BRAND NEW class led by our own energetic staff member Kirstie. It is a full-body work out combining cardio, resistance and core

Feeling the burn during our K-Fit class

work. You will probably feel the burn but it may be a good class if you want to take your fitness to an improved level. (A few men have tried it out too and enjoyed it so don’t think that these classes are just for the girls!)

Here are our class times:

Zumba- Wednesday 6pm and Saturday 11am

K-Fit- Monday 6pm and Thursday 6pm

Free for members, and $10 for a casual entry.

Do check out our website for more details-

Sarah – Fit 4 Life Staff

Fitness – Summer Tips to make Working out Fun and Comfy!

Are you one of those people who complain that there are never enough hours in a day to do all things you would like to do? I am! So, I have found what works for me is to multi-task things together so I can make the most out of my day! And that includes my fitness!

I love summer and being in the outdoors so I will often walk or run with the girls I mentor or my friends. That way I’ve caught up with friends, done some exercise and enjoyed our beautiful country we live in as well!!   It’s always motivating and lots of fun when you are with someone else.   Plus you can encourage and be encouraged at the same time!

Because I love being with friends and working out at the same time or training for running races (especially long distance runs)…I’ve realizedthat there are 2 essential items that I need other than the obvious of great supportive walking shoes!!  They are: Ankle stockings and Elastoplast.

It seems that my feet are prone to getting blisters.  So I’ve learned that if you put on ankle stockings before you put your socks on then you can prevent blisters occurring.  It sounds bizarre but it’s true and has allowed me to keep enjoying my exercise with friends blister and pain free.

If you already have blisters on your feet (because you forgot to wear your ankle stockings J, or maybe you have them from a new pair of shoes or jandals) then I recommend you use ‘Elastoplast’ -Spray Plaster.  It’s not too expensive and a great thing to keep in your handbag to pull out for yourself or anyone else when the need arises.  I personally love the spray-on plaster coat because it’s transparent so you can’t even tell it’s on your feet when wearing jandals or opened toed shoes. Everyone hates that “half peel off at the corners” that plasters do which looks tacky and is annoying. This way you are still protecting your feet and preventing bacteria from coming in and can be more comfortable as well.

So enjoy the summer whether working out with your friends or come along and bring a friend down to Fit4Life.  Work out together in our weights and cardio areas or our Zumba classes where it is so fun to work out to great music and with great people (plus there are lots of cool fans going!!)

Try out my 2 essential items and let me know what you think!

Looking forward to seeing you down here at Fit4Life!!

Kirstie – Fit4Life Staff

Finance – Car Repairs….making your dollar go further!

If you own an automobile you know that they cost a lot of money to maintain.  Here are some more tips on how to make your money stretch a little bit farther.

If you avoid the regular maintenance you are setting yourself up for a big repair bill down the line.  Unless you can afford a brand new car with a warranty you will want every cent to be doing as much as it can.  There are several ways you can save money on car repairs, but most will involve getting your hands a bit dirty.  If you are willing to get some grease under your fingernails and borrow or buy a few tools here are some ways to save on car stuff.

  • Oil changes – these usually cost about $75.  You could change your own oil for $40 – $50 depending on the cost of the filter.  Now this may seem overwhelming but changing your own oil is pretty simple. Here is a video that shows you the basics.  If you want more detail a great investment is in a Haynes Manual for your car.
  • When things do break on your car take a look through the Haynes Manual and see if it is something you would feel comfortable fixing.  Many times the most expensive part of the repair is the labour charges.  You can get good used parts from auto wreckers in your area or if you a bit more adventurous you can visit a place like Pick A Part.  At Pick A Part you go in and remove the parts yourself so the parts are cheaper.
  • Another area you can fix easily on most cars is the brake pads (or shoes).  Your manual will cover it in detail for you but here is a good article about it and here is a generic video to give you an idea of what it involves
  • If you are unsure, especially if the repair involves a safety feature of the car, you may be better off seeking professional help.  If you do, shop around a bit.  Talk to friends and see what their experiences have been with their repairers.  Different shops will have different labour prices and expensive isn’t always better. Here are some places to check out different shops:

Give it a go and have fun.

Jason – Fit 4 Life Staff

Watch this space – Articles from our Glenfield gym, Fit 4 Life

Hey all….we’re looking forward to posting some articles on here real soon. This week we’ll be focusing on physical fitness. Come  back and check out the article later in the week. Next week, we’ll be looking financial health.

In the meantime…..come and check out Fit 4 Life in Glenfield or look at our website

Fun pics of our Glenfield Gym Opening Day – February 2010

Here’s some cool photos of the opening of our new Glenfield gym, Fit 4 Life!!! Come check us out!! Photos are courtesy of Michelle Deacon….if you need an awesome photographer, she’s for you. Check out her website. and check out our website for more information –

New Cheap Glenfield Gym – Fit 4 Life

Fit 4 Life, a new fitness centre on Auckland‘s North Shore is open for business.

What makes us different? We’re “……more than a gym”. Our focus is not just on physical fitness, but also providing more for our members. Free seminars on relevant topics that are interesting to our community – relationships, money, family etc – free financial planning is available and more importantly we want to provide a place where people can get to know others and build solid friendships. Overarching all of this is our belief that a spiritual life is important and specifically a relationship with God. Fit 4 Life operates under HTL Ministries a Christian charity, but is a place for all people. Our beliefs are the core of how we operate and the programmes we offer.

Come check us out at Fit 4 Life, 65D View Road, Glenfield. Ph 09 442 5395. We’re open Mon – Fri 6am to 8pm and Saturdays from 10am – 2pm. Check out our website

Oh….did we tell you that we’re non-profit and therefore one of the cheapest gyms around!!!!