Friendship – Making your guests feel welcome!!

I recently was able to have a lovely weekend away house sitting and dog walking for some great friends Jason and Sarah at a wedding.  Originally I thought I was helping them, but it turned out that I was the one receiving all the love!!  I arrived to what felt like walking into a 5 star hotel, but it was their home with an extra bonus of a super fun dog, Sammy, who you can’t help but fall in love with, for company!!

The house was honestly immaculately clean and so welcoming after finishing the late night shift at work, one of those nights  where you want to drop your bags and blob!!

Their place is one of my favourite home away from home houses.  It’s so warm and inviting and they always have some fun new creative projects displayed that they have been working on to admire and be inspired by!  Sarah had written lots of fun Post-it notes all around the house, (was actually fun walking through all the rooms finding them and reading them! haha) She had a bag of cute gourmet mini Easter eggs laid on my freshly made up queen size bed with linens….luxury!! You can never go wrong with chocolate right!! They didn’t last long while watching TV!!

One of my favourite things though were the Bath & Bodyworks moisturisers and shower gels on the beside table.  I’m not joking…there were 6 options available to choose from and I was allowed to have 2 bottles!  I was wowed!!  If you haven’t tried this brand before you are going to want to! Seriously though after smelling it, you almost want to eat yourself it’s that good!!  (You have to order it from Canada or USA or just have amazing friends like I do, who are incredibly generous and have connections).  I highly recommend the Warm Vanilla Sugar and the Coconut & Lime Verbena flavours (oops…I mean scents) :)!

Jason and Sarah and Sammy, you rock!  Love and appreciate you guys heaps!

So, if you have family or friends coming to stay as guest in your place over the Easter break or other holiday seasons then hopefully some of these ideas will inspire you to make them feel even more special. I know I appreciate it so much!!!

Kirstie – Fit 4 Life Staff

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