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Early last year I had heard about online grocery shopping through a friend and after moving house and feeling completely exhausted, I thought I would try it for a week. Well, a week turned into a month, a month into a year and here I am still online grocery shopping. People do look at me funny when I say I do my weekly shopping online, but here are some of the benefits I have found. I use Foodtown/Woolworths Online Shopping.

  1. I save money – no spontaneous shopping. So often I find when I am in the actual store something catches my eye and I think I will try it out. Online shopping helps me stick to what I need which helps with the money side as well as the over-stocking side. The website saves my previous lists and purchases so shopping is pretty easy and I save on petrol which is a massive benefit these days!!!
  2. It saves time – it takes me about 15 minutes or so to order my groceries online and then about a 1/2 hour to put them away. That is a savings of about 1 hour or more.
  3. It involves the family – my family is more involved in choosing groceries as we are all at home when I am shopping. Even my husband can grocery shop if he chooses and that is indeed a benefit.
  4. Keeps me to my budget – surprisingly because I stick closer to my weekly budget than I do in the store. This is due to the spontaneous shopping that occurs and also because I can just shop the previous weeks’ list. My hubby likes that part!!!
  5. Uses my credit card – now that sounds weird, but because we pay off our credit card each month it is a practical thing to do. We get True Rewards points and we’ve been able to see a number of movies using those points. Grocery shopping is a necessary expense and it is fun to get a side-benefit from those dollars.

I have found online grocery shopping to be a lot of fun, I save money and stress and that is important to me!!!

Check it out for yourself –

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Christy – Fit 4 Life Staff

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