The Dreaded Money Talk

I don’t know about you, but I hate the words….”Hon, can we sit down and talk about the budget?”. Ugh….shivers go down my spine and my whole body goes into flight or fight mode. That was me just last night… husband spoke the dreaded words. At time of writing we haven’t had the talk yet, but it’s coming.

Despite my reaction of dread, I do know that these talks are necessary… much as I prefer being an ostrich with my head in the sand. They are necessary because it is important that we are on the same page with our finances, that we are facing reality with the state of our finances and it enables us to make small changes to prevent huge issues later down the track.

I hate budgets….my preference would be to have enough to do what I want, when I want…..I know….dreams are FREE!! Since that is not my reality, budgets are a necessary evil. Some people love budgets. They feel in control, they love knowing exactly where each penny goes and the joy of seeing the savings account blossom. I would hazard a guess that most of us don’t love sticking to budgets, but they are definitely a part of our lives if we want to get ahead financially.

If you haven’t got one in place, then think about it. If you need budgeting advice, then seek someone you trust to help you or go to a professional. At Fit 4 Life, our own Bryce Staveley helps our gym members (and sometimes non-members) create realistic budgets to achieve their financial goals. If you’re in need of some new ideas for your budget or to get one started in the first place, then contact us on to make an appointment.

Now, I am off to that dreaded money talk with my hubby!! ūüôā

Christy – Fit 4 Life Staff


Pet Peeves and Unwritten Rules of Gym Life

I read a great article this week outlining some of the biggest complaints gyms receive according to some recent research. I thought they were interesting so in case you missed it, here’s the¬†link to the article, but I have outlined some of them below.

Biggest complaints:

  1. Overcrowding: 48 per cent
  2. Sweaty equipment (e.g. people not using a towel): 36 per cent
  3. The gym being smelly or untidy: 32 per cent
  4. People not resetting or replacing equipment: 31 per cent
  5. Dirty or smelly changing facilities: 30 per cent
  6. Loud grunting from people working out: 24 per cent
  7. People showing off (e.g. flexing muscles): 22 per cent

Another article outlined some of the unwritten rules of gym etiquette. Here’s the link for that one.

10 Unwritten Rules of Gym Etiquette:

1. Bring a towel

No one wants to lie on a sweaty, smelly bench anymore than you do, so bring a towel and wipe down the equipment when you finish. It keeps the gym hygienic, particularly during peak times when gym staff don’t have time to wipe down the benches for you.

Being in a class environment is usually a little more relaxed, but it always helps to bring a towel, particularly if the class requires the use of shared equipment.

2. Wear deodorant

It’s normal to sweat when you’re working hard, but pungent body odour is enough to throw anyone off their game. Wear deodorant but don’t spray it around like it’s going out of fashion.

3. Watch your chat time

It’s nice¬†to smile and greet people who you recognise in the gym but it’s not the place for a¬†full-on conversation. It cuts into your workout time, distracts others who don’t want to hear about who you hooked up with on the weekend¬†and can leave them frustrated as you converse by¬†equipment that they¬†might be waiting to use.

4. Don’t¬†intimidate¬†others

If someone¬†beat you to the squat rack, don’t stand¬†over them and¬†give them dirty looks.¬†Politely let them know that you’d like to use it after them and¬†use a different piece of equipment while you wait for them to finish.

5. Be quiet 

A well executed grunt can help you power through a tough set, but constant moaning should be avoided at all times. Be careful not to drop weights loudly after a set and don’t blast your music so loud that others can hear your Redfoo through your headphones.

6. Don’t hog the¬†equipment

You might pride yourself on setting up the ultimate circuit, but hogging all the equipment will automatically guarantee you gym-jerk status. If others are unable to find equipment because you’ve moved it all, you’re preventing them from getting their workout done.

7. Put your weights back

If you are strong enough to lift the weight, then you are strong enough to put it away. Be considerate and put weights back where they came from so they’re not in the way of others.

8. Sharing is caring

If the gym has limited squat racks and you see that someone else is waiting to use it, offer them to swap in with you. This means that they can do a set while you’re resting in between sets. This will only work if you are using a similar weight, but it’s always polite to offer.

9. Cover-up

This might come as a surprise to some but most people don’t want to catch a glimpse of your accidental flash.¬†Make sure your active wear¬†sufficiently covers your important bits.

10. Get off your phone

Your Instagram feed may tell you otherwise, but the gym is no place for selfies. Get in, work hard and give the bench or machine to someone else instead of sending snapchats of your guns.

The gym is also a great opportunity to unplug from social media for an hour. Listen to your music (or a podcast) and focus on the task at hand.

At Fit 4 Life we try and have an open and friendly environment so not all these apply, but interesting read all the same.

Christy – Fit 4 Life Staff