Fitness – If I can….you can too!

I have recently tried something that people have told me about for years and I just didn’t believe them.

Working out can be a lot more fun if you have a specific event you are working up to.

I entered my first Triathlon ( and am competing this Sunday.  People have encouraged me to enter different events over the years but I always turned them down.  Now after training for this tri I am converted!

If you struggle to get excited for training or find it really easy to make excuses not to work out then you should try entering an event that you can work up to.  Tracking my progress in running and swimming has been very motivational. I am not sure how it will go on the day – especially because I have never done one before.

If you are not a big fan of solo sports there are tons of events you can enter as a team. For example there is a cool one coming up soon:  you could find a team and have a great time on an obstacle course.

Don’t worry if you are a noob – everyone has to start somewhere, don’t be scared and have fun with it!

Jason – Fit 4 Life Staff