Finance – If In Doubt, Get Some Help

There is no way in this world that anyone would call me a financial whiz, in fact, my husband would laugh if that was said about me. All I can say, is thank goodness one of us is good at money stuff.

So now that I have set the scene, you know why this is is titled “If in doubt, get some help”. I am definitely one of those people who would need to take this advice.

Honesty is truly the best policy when dealing with finances. We need to be honest about our knowledge, understanding and ability to manage our finances well. For some of us, it’s an area we excel in (witness my hubby), for others it’s not so easy, but necessary. For those of us in the latter group, we need to seek solid, reliable information on how to manage our finances well not only for the present, but for the future as well.

Here at Fit 4 Life we recognize that not everyone’s managing their financial resources well, so we’ve offered free financial planning and budgeting advice to all of our members. It’s been awesome to see people taking advantage of the free advice and in a variety of areas – investing, budgeting, house-buying and more. Bryce is our resident financial guru and he’s more than happy to meet with people to give them a helping hand.

If you’re a member of Fit 4 Life or just need a helping hand in figuring out your finances, then get in touch with Bryce on and he can work out a time to meet and help as he is able.

Have a great week!

Christy – Fit 4 Life Staff


Fitness – Fit 4 Life GroupFIT classes

Fit 4 Life not only offers a great workout area with excellent gym equipment, but we also have fun and innovative group fitness classes.

If you haven’t tried a Fit 4 Life GroupFIT class, then you should come along and give it a go….and bring a friend too!

We have classes to suit most fitness levels and we’re consistently reviewing our classes and schedule to make it work as best as we can for our members and staff.

Here’s what’s on offer currently:


  • 9:30am – pumpFIT with Hannah (PumpFIT is Fit 4 Life’s version of PUMP. It’s a Medium/High Intensity cardio and toning workout using weights and steps.)
  • 5:15pm – coreFIT with Matt Dalton (this class focuses on core-strengthening and stretching. Low Intensity)
  • 6:00pm – Zumba with Careen (the world-famous Zumba Fitness is a cardio workout using Latin rhythms for a great workout – Medium/High Intensity

Tuesdays (starting September 4th 2012):

  • 5:30pm – pumpFIT with Kirstie
  • 6:40pm – coreFIT with Kirstie


  •  6:00pm – Zumba with Careen
  • 7:00pm – totalFIT Boot Camp with Kirstie (from Sept 26th – October 31st) – totalFIT is our home-grown HIGH intensity workout using a variety of fitness methods for a fantastic workout. Boot Camp will run in 6 week blocks – sign up required. Free for Fit 4 Life Members.


  • 5:30pm – pumpFIT with  Hannah
  • 6:00pm – boxFIT with Marlon & Nathan (boxFIT is a cardio class utilising boxing fitness and training techniques. Medium/High Intensity)


  • 9:15am – coreFIT with Jason


  • 9:15am – danceFIT with Sarah (danceFIT is a more traditional aerobics class focusing on cardio and toning to fun music. Medium Intensity)

GroupFIT classes are free for Fit 4 Life Members and $10.00 for casual. If you haven’t tried out one of our great classes, you definitely should!

The Fit 4 Life Team


Faith – Refreshing your Passion for the Word of God

When I was younger I attended a Christian school for a few years during intermediate and some of high school.  During that time one of our subjects was Religion and for that class we had to memorize parts of the Bible.  In Year 9 we had to memorize all of Philippians!

For some people this might have been a great time and set them up for a life of reading the Bible and studying the Scriptures.  For me it had the opposite effect.  I started to associate the Bible with homework and one of the things that I am great at is avoiding homework.  Most of my life as a Christian I have found it really difficult to get over this association.  I know that learning more about who God is and the plans He has for me is a good thing but sometimes I still find it difficult to get motivated past that old homework association.

I have found that accessing God’s word in a variety of ways helps to make it more fun and less homework like.  My wife recently purchased for me an audio recording of the New Testament.  It has been great listening to the Bible read out by Johnny Cash.  It has added a new dimension to the text to hear it read out instead of just reading it.

If you are ever having difficulty focusing or being disciplined in your Bible study try something new and see if that refreshes your passion for the Word of God.

Jason – Fit 4 Life Staff