Finance – Helpful Financial Software

I am not a ‘finance’ person….my husband despairs of me ever really knowing how to manage money….I am sure I could if I had to, but he’s so great at it so he gets the  job. 🙂 Having said that, my role within Fit 4 Life is to manage all the accounts. I was pretty freaked out at first as I have NO background in accounting at all.

With great trepidation I began to process our bills, donations and GST, all the while having minor freak outs. We started out using a software-based accounts package that was very thorough and did everything we needed, but was a bit daunting especially when I had to process all the bank statements manually.

After awhile, our accountant recommended that we switch to Xero. I was very reluctant as I had just got comfortable with what we were using and another change was daunting, but I did it and boy, I am so happy we changed.

Xero is a browser-based accounts package. It is modern, efficient and makes all those small tasks like reconciling bank statements a breeze! The reports are clear, we love the expense claim section that our staff can use and it has reduced the amount of time I have to spend on accounts freeing me up to do other things. Definitely a great package for any business.

Now, most of you won’t be needing to do accounts for a business or charity like I do, but Xero is also designed to help with household finances. I definitely found when we were using a computer programme to track our finances, I did a much better job of keeping to budget and our allocations. Xero would be a great asset to your household as well.

What’s so great about a browser-based programme is that you can be anywhere in the world, on  any computer and still keep up with the accounts at home or work. So, if you’re looking for some help in your finances and keeping track, check out Xero and see if it’s for you.

Have a great day!

Christy – Fit 4 Life Staff and Accounts Manager

Fitness – Round the Bays 2012

It’s that time of year again….Round the Bays!! It’s a fantastic experience to walk (or run) around the inner harbour inlets with 75,000 other people raising money for worthwhile charities.

Last year we  had an awesome experience as a Fit 4 Life team and we’re looking forward to this year’s event. If you’re a Fit 4 Life member or want to join our team, drop by Fit 4 Life and join in the fun!!

See you there!