Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

It’s a wonderful time of year especially in New Zealand where we are enjoying our summer holidays. We hope you’ve enjoyed the articles written by our staff this year and look forward to another year.

Fit 4 Life is growing by leaps and bounds and we’re very proud of all we have accomplished in the nearly 2 years since we opened. Above all we want to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ who came to offer forgiveness and the promise of spending eternity with God. What an amazing gift!!

Be safe over the holiday season, enjoy your friends and family and we’ll see you in 2012!!

Friendship – Party Planning and Friendship!

With less than 5 days till Christmas to go, you are either sitting back relaxing, stoked that you did everything before the December madness or you are like me dashing around after work doing last minute baking, making Christmas cards/newsletters, shopping and wrapping gifts, putting up trees and trying to fit in catching up with friends and family before everyone goes away!  Either way, I hope you have fun looking at some links I have below to inspire you with loving your friends and family to another level at your Christmas functions or parties you put on in the New Year.

One thing about me, you learn pretty fast if you know me, is that I’m a HUGE fan of Amy Atlas.  She has inspired me to be able to love my friends to a gourmet Amy Atlas level.  Here is her link to check her stuff out.  Be sure to click on ‘eye candy’, to see all her beautiful featured tables.

I just love, admire and appreciate her style in catering for events so much.  From her buntings to straws, cakepops, (which I learnt how to make this year, so will have to share some more on this on another blog!) fine detailed food tags to funky backdrops, cute packaging and the list goes on with everything all colour coordinated and matching!!  Incredible!

Since it’s Christmas time, I thought you might like this link, a friend gave me from Amy Atlas’s site to a fun Kids Christmas party.

A highlight of this year for me, was receiving my very own “Amy Atlas table” created by my friend, Sarah for my birthday.  I felt soooo loved and still remember the feeling of being in awe of the “gourmetness” and just overwhelmed that someone made it just for me! Thanks Sarah for going ALL OUT!!  Note the amazing apothecary jars that were given to me as a gift that you can fill with all most anything and it makes it look even better.

A couple of months later my friend Christy and I were honoured to put on a special baby shower for Sarah and her miracle baby boy.  I got to use all my new jars and stands and make it look like an Amy Atlas table.

For some other special friends, Marlon and Lily, I created a dessert table for their wedding.  From Chocolate Mud cake with ganache layers to Red Velvet with Vanilla layers, Lemon cake with Lemon Curd, carrot cake w

ith cream cheese icing to Vanilla and Banana Cupcakes with Butter cream icing and rose buds and pearls on top, there was something there for everyone’s taste buds!


I’m putting on 2 baby showers before Christmas and I’m excited to use Amy Atlas-like straws that I adore.  The red and white ones my favourite, however green and yellow are the colours for the sunflower theme.  Since Sarah’s shower, I learned of this party store called Poppyseed.  It has so many fun things in it, that you need an hour just to look at all the cute accessories and take it all in.  So I have got a couple of fun yellow things (I was very self controlled) to make the table look gourmet and love my friends.  So if you love the Amy Atlas style then check out the Poppyseed link for ideas that you can get from just around the corner.  Online you can shop by product, colour, party packs, different themes, cupcakes and cupcake accessories.

Here’s a fun link to see how my favourite red and white straws have been made into a Christmas wreath.  Gosh the ideas are endless!!

Hope some of these links inspire you to have some fun being creative in loving your friends and family.

Merry Christmas!

Kirstie – Fit 4 Life Staff

Faith – Losing the Christmas Plot?

Christmas is coming and it is that time of the year again. Everything is all abuzz. I love it but I also can get in over my head trying to ‘do things’ rather than just enjoying the time for what it is. For me it means celebrating the birth of Christ, as Christ brings hope, new life and unconditional love to those who chose to believe.

I came across this great post yesterday, ‘Shifting our Perspective Back onto Hope‘ and it was a good reminder. Whether you have Christian beliefs or not, maybe this will be food for thought for you too.

I wish you a lovely end to the year, and a meaningfully Merry Christmas!