Faith – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Christmas is over for another year and like most years, I am able to truly enjoy the season AFTER the fact. Every year I say to myself that this year will be less busy, less stressful and less complicated so I can just breathe and enjoy. This year it was busier than ever with family visiting from overseas, more people to buy for, more food to make and the end of school year activities were multiplied due to prizegivings and end of primary school graduations.

But now that it is all over I am reminded of why we celebrate this season. It’s not because we need more stuff or need to commemorate the passing of eras (like primary school) or that we need to eat more food or spend more time with family….we celebrate because of a baby born 2,000 years ago. A baby who cooed and did all the normal baby things, yet was a promise to the world….a Saviour!!! It’s hard to imagine that this tiny baby became a man who altered the face of history and provided each of us a way to personally reconnect with God through his death on a cross in Jerusalem and all despite how we have chosen to do our own thing. WOW!! I am thankful beyond measure.

Wherever you might be at in your spiritual journey, take some time to examine the life of this baby, Jesus!!! See how His life transformed others and how He wants to be a part of your life every day. I am so thankful He is part of mine and as I look forward to 2011 I am excited to see what He’s going to do in my life this next year.

If you’re a part of Fit 4 Life Fitness and want to know more about how Jesus transforms lives, feel free to talk to any of the staff…or if you just have some questions, we’d love to help you find the answers you’re looking for. As we say at Fit 4 Life, we’re “more than a gym” because we not only want to help with the fitness side of life, but also want to encourage everyone who comes our way to look at all aspects of life whether it be finances, faith or friendships.

Here’s to a new and exciting 2011!!!

Christy – Fit 4 Life Staff

Some resources to help:

The Case for Faith – Lee Strobel

Answers to Tough Questions – Josh McDowell

A Skeptics Guide to Faith – Philip Yancey

Finance – The 8 Habits of Wealthy People

Steven Covey’s book, ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, is a great read and a book that had a significant impact on my life. (I recommend that you get a copy if you haven’t read it already).

However, seeing this is a blog entry about finance, I thought I would write about eight habits that wealthy people develop. The good news is that – apart from possibly the last one – we can all develop these habits which can help us increase our wealth.

1.    They have a healthy attitude towards money

Probably nothing determines a person’s ultimate financial success more than their attitude towards money. If money is nothing to you then you will probably not end up with much; if it is everything to you, then you will probably die as a lonely, miserable accumulator with only money to show as the value of your life – a wretched end indeed. It’s simplistic to say that the middle ground between these two extremes is the best place to be, but everyone has to make some choice as to how important – or not – money is to them and to live their life in light of that conscious decision. What is important is to know that your attitude towards money will affect your life, so strive to have a healthy attitude towards money. Money is not everything – but it is also not nothing either.

2    They plan their success and set financial goals – preferably in writing

People who become wealthy always have a plan. Ignoring the lotto millionaires who win by chance (and who often lose it, as they know nothing about money!) no-one has achieved lasting monetary success without having a plan. While it may not have been outlined in painstaking detail, it usually involved achieving a certain monetary goal within a certain period of time. Often the most successful people have their plans written down. Why do you suppose that is..?!

3    They put their plans into action and stick with them

This is the toughest part. The wealthy are those who not only make plans, but they also act on them. It is not enough for a person to ‘want’ to be wealthy. Desire is insufficient; it must be accompanied by taking action and making the plan become a reality. Also, during the hard times and challenges that undoubtedly come about, wealthy people continue to stick with their plan through thick and thin.

4    They develop ‘money-awareness’

They wealthy are aware of money and how it works. They know that even small amounts can grow into large sums, and so they don’t like spending it but are constantly looking for more opportunities to invest their money and keep it working for them. They are always looking for ways to make and save more money. They convert temporary income into permanent income and they save something out of every dollar they earn – and get full value from every dollar they spend. They also avoid bad debt – like credit cards and consumer hire purchase – and they avoid fad investments and frivolous spending like the plague.

5    They constantly seek knowledge

Wealthy people are always looking to accumulate more knowledge. You will find that they read – and they read a lot!! They know that knowledge is one of the keys to increasing wealth. The home of every wealthy person contains an extensive library filled with books on finance, investing, law, history and biography. Again, why do you suppose that is? The wealthy also ask for – and listen to – professional advice, but do not accept it blindly. They will utilize the services of professionals such as lawyers, accountants, brokers, financial advisers etc., but they will always make their own decisions when it comes to managing their wealth.

6    They don’t follow the crowd.

If you do what everyone else is doing you will end up with the results everyone else is getting. Wealthy people do not follow the crowd, as they know that the crowd is usually wrong. They forge their own path and blaze their own trail to wealth. (If you’re short of ideas, read biographies about the lives of successful people which can help give you ideas of how to blaze your own trail)

7    They protect themselves from unforeseen events

The wealthy insure themselves against unforeseen investment disasters by using four means… (a) Knowledge (b) Diversification (c) Observation, and (d) Discipline. They know that the future is uncertain and that knowledge – especially of the past – is the key to protecting themselves from financial disaster. They also don’t put all their investment eggs in one basket, they keep an eye on their investments through regular check-ups, and they have the discipline to sell investments when they become overpriced and buy them back when they are being sold for a song!

8    They start early in life

It requires time for money to compound and grow, so it helps to get a head start in life. The super-wealthy all started young. Even delaying investing by just 10 years can radically reduce the amount of money you accumulate at the end of your life, as most of the money you make is made in the last five to 10 years. Starting in your teenage years is better than delaying until your 20’s. But whatever your age right now, it is never too late to begin. We’ll all be a decade older in ten years time!

Bryce – Fit 4 Life Staff

Fitness – Summer Tips to make Working out Fun and Comfy!

Are you one of those people who complain that there are never enough hours in a day to do all things you would like to do? I am! So, I have found what works for me is to multi-task things together so I can make the most out of my day! And that includes my fitness!

I love summer and being in the outdoors so I will often walk or run with the girls I mentor or my friends. That way I’ve caught up with friends, done some exercise and enjoyed our beautiful country we live in as well!!   It’s always motivating and lots of fun when you are with someone else.   Plus you can encourage and be encouraged at the same time!

Because I love being with friends and working out at the same time or training for running races (especially long distance runs)…I’ve realizedthat there are 2 essential items that I need other than the obvious of great supportive walking shoes!!  They are: Ankle stockings and Elastoplast.

It seems that my feet are prone to getting blisters.  So I’ve learned that if you put on ankle stockings before you put your socks on then you can prevent blisters occurring.  It sounds bizarre but it’s true and has allowed me to keep enjoying my exercise with friends blister and pain free.

If you already have blisters on your feet (because you forgot to wear your ankle stockings J, or maybe you have them from a new pair of shoes or jandals) then I recommend you use ‘Elastoplast’ -Spray Plaster.  It’s not too expensive and a great thing to keep in your handbag to pull out for yourself or anyone else when the need arises.  I personally love the spray-on plaster coat because it’s transparent so you can’t even tell it’s on your feet when wearing jandals or opened toed shoes. Everyone hates that “half peel off at the corners” that plasters do which looks tacky and is annoying. This way you are still protecting your feet and preventing bacteria from coming in and can be more comfortable as well.

So enjoy the summer whether working out with your friends or come along and bring a friend down to Fit4Life.  Work out together in our weights and cardio areas or our Zumba classes where it is so fun to work out to great music and with great people (plus there are lots of cool fans going!!)

Try out my 2 essential items and let me know what you think!

Looking forward to seeing you down here at Fit4Life!!

Kirstie – Fit4Life Staff

Friendship – Making and Growing Friendships

What is a friend and how do we make and grow our friendships?  These some questions I have been asking for a while.  Recently I have been reading a great book that talks about these issues and has helped me a lot.

The book is called “Refrigerator Rights” by Will Miller.  The basic premise  is that we need friendships that are close enough that it  would not feel weird having our friends going into our fridge and helping themselves.  As our world becomes more global people are moving away fromthe classic foundational friendships – family, childhood friends etc… We are becoming more isolated and acquaintance based.

I know for me this is true.  My family all lives in Canada and outside of my wife I do not have many friends who even if I would feel ok with it they would probably feel strange  going into my fridge.

The book is based on a lot of research and easy to read and understand.  It is written from an American perspective but I really found it applicable and eye opening for me.

Here is a link to a clip of Will Miller explaining it on Youtube:

Here is a link the author’s blog:

Here is a great online bookstore that has great prices and donates to literacy:

Jason – Fit 4 Life Staff