Friendship/Faith – You’re Driving Me Crazy!!!! – why aren’t you like me? – Seminar at Fit 4 Life Fitness Centre, Glenfield

Come and hear Christy share how you can understand yourself and others better using the Personality Plus personality profile.

June 23rd @ Fit 4 Life Fitness Centre in Glenfield
7:00pm – 8:00pm
Free for Members, gold coin donation for non-members!!

Come and join in the fun!!!

Fitness – Gasp, gasp….I can do it!!- Getting Fit in my 40’s

Exercise and me are like oil and water!! We don’t really get along, but I’ve hit my 40’s and after a decade of having kids, raising kids and basically neglecting the whole exercise thing, I’m back in the gym. It certainly has helped that the hubby and I have opened Fit 4 Life  and I can go for free!!! The Lord knew I needed that.

I was pretty scared though. There is something about being the most unfit person in the room and wondering if you can truly do the exercises, wondering if you will be crippled with pain the next day (I hate sore muscles!!) and wondering if there will be any lasting impact from today’s puny effort. It took me a few weeks to really feel confident enough to get back into the gym, but a new weights program helped. My kind hubby made one for me and a friend. It’s been a lot of fun!! I have seen some weights go up and I haven’t been crippled by muscle soreness which is good (maybe those weights need to go up?)!

The next challenge was a group fitness class. About 6 months ago I purchased the Zumba Fitness DVDs and finally got round to working out. I actually enjoyed it!!! I was dying from un-fitness, but enjoyed it. The last time I did any kind of group class was in 1994!!!! I never LOVED them so when Zumba Fitness started at Fit 4 Life last week, I was once again filled with trepidation!!! Will I make 50  minutes? Will I look like an idiot? Will I die? 🙂

I pushed all my doubts aside and plunged in!! It was like I had just been swimming by the end because my hair was soaking, my face was like a beetroot, BUT I had a great time and even more important, I conquered a fear!! My hubby told me so many times how proud he was that I had done it ( I think he had  his doubts that I would turn up!!).  Zumba Fitness was so much fun because it really did feel like dancing and I love to dance and I had a great time doing it with friends and people I have met at Fit 4 Life.

Exercise is still not my favourite thing, I long for the day when I look forward to it, but for now I am trying to get fit in my 40’s!!!! If you’re like me and it’s been awhile since you and exercise have been “friends” come and join me down at Fit 4 Life. We want to promote a healthy fitness philosophy here at Fit 4 Life and that  means just getting up and doing something everyday….not being a ‘superhero’ exerciser!!! The perfect place for someone like me!!!!!

Christy  – Fit 4 Life Staff and fellow “exerciser”

Fitness – Zumba Fitness at Glenfield’s Fit 4 Life Fitness Centre!!!!!

We had our first Zumba class at Fit 4 Life tonight and it was awesome!!! I think I am going to be aching all over tomorrow 🙂

Due to a schedule clash we’re needing to change the time to Thursday evenings from 6:30pm to 7:30pm BUT the good news is that we’re adding a class on Saturdays from 11:30am to 12:30pm. Careen Fleming is our instructor and she is very kindly volunteering her time so flexibility is our friend!!!!

We’ll let you know when the Saturday class is going to start.

Friendship – Six tips on being a great husband!!!!

I’ve been married for 21 years now and I’ve made my fair share of mistakes as a husband along the way, but I’ve also done a lot of things right too. So here’s my list of the top six areas that I have worked on to make my marriage survive and even thrive!!

  • Communication

There are two specific areas I have had to learn about in my communication with my wife. They are:

  • Honesty – I’ve had to learn how to be honest in sharing with my wife.  Not that I have ever lied to her, but in the earlier years of our marriage I often wasn’t really sharing the entire truth about how I was feeling. I often didn’t share how my wife was really making me feel because I didn’t want to hurt her or make her cry.  That was a big mistake and now I (we) have learned to really express truth to one another. PS Sharing truth is not a licence to be brutal! You have to choose your words very carefully, but learn to speak honestly about what you are thinking or feeling.
  • Not denying emotion – I’ve learned that I need to express my emotions (fully) to my wife which often involves sharing the good, the bad and the ugly! Again, it can be easy to be brutal in the delivery, but you must work to share how you are feeling – without making the delivery destructive!
  • Fun

About 12 years ago my wife and I were going through a very rocky patch in our marriage. After talking about it, one of the things we identified was that we weren’t having any fun together. We created a regular date night and began making it a priority for us. We’ve kept up the practice for many years now. Often we go to the movies or out for dinner and laugh together, and remember what we like about each other. This keeps our relationship fun and gives us something to look forward to each week. Marriage often involves kids too, so in our family we have a lot of fun with our kids and do special things together, like having a family night once a week where we play games or do an activity and connect. We also try and eat meals together as much as we can and laugh a lot. That really helps to make life enjoyable.

  • Affection and Romance

All wives need romance and affection. Neither of these two things are natural to me –  or perhaps not even to most men(!) – but I’ve learned that my wife feels insecure if these things are lacking in our marriage. Hugs, kisses, notes, texts, emails, phone calls, making cups of tea all communicate affection to my wife. Romance doesn’t always have to be expensive or time consuming, just thoughtful. I am still working at this after 20 years, but there have been some special things that I have done for her. At least once a year we take a weekend and to go away together (without the kids!) This getaway is really important to her and for romance!! I’ve also arranged some very creative dates for her, like creating a restaurant in our home with candlelight, a table for two and a fancy meal that I cooked for her.

  • Admitting Mistakes

This is definitely not natural for me!! I have had to learn to admit when I am wrong and sincerely apologise to my wife. I definitely don’t take the blame all the time – my wife doesn’t want me to either; sometimes she is the one who is in the wrong and I’ve had nothing to do with it! But usually it takes two to tango and both of us have to contributed something to the conflict. So while its hard to admit my fault in any disagreement or conflict, I have noticed what a difference it makes in conflict resolution when I make the move to apologise first and admit I haven’t done some things right.

  • Providing

In his book “His Needs Her Needs” author Willard Harley talks about how one of the top needs for women is that they feel financially secure. I have tried to make sure my wife and our family feel financially secure and provided for even when we didn’t (or don’t) have much money. Making the choice to move into Christian work 15 years ago was a big decision for me and my wife. Most people – including us – know it’s not the path to achieving great wealth! Having less income than when we were employed in our secular jobs (and with no kids back then either!) made me rise to the challenge of finding intelligent ways to generate the finances we needed. Some of the decisions I made along the way are now also enabling us to create new ministry opportunities like Fit 4 Life which is very fulfilling.

  • Commitment

At the end of the day a marriage is a commitment. In the majority of marriages both the partners start off making some very holy and solemn vows to each other, but the ravages of time and life make us forget what we promised to do. Sure there are days when I have been frustrated and angry in my marriage, or my wife and I are having conflict again over something that’s come up; there are days when I wonder if we made a mistake. But then I get my head right and seek to come back and  talk to my wife and work it out.

If you base any relationship solely on feelings you’re eventually going to bail-out of it because feelings come and go. The bottom line is that I am committed to my wife, and we hang in there and work things out when it’s not going so well. And then after we have worked it out we fall in love (feelings) again.

In today’s society for many it’s become the easy option to bail out of marriage, but this has proven and documented long term negative consequences on your emotions, your finances, your children’s emotional and psychological health and wellbeing, and the fabric of our society is weakened by the huge number of marriages that have fallen apart through choice of one or both partners to go separate ways. My wife and I have had to work through some very tough and complicated issues in our marriage, but we’ve persevered through them all and are better people today because of it. (I know that I certainly am!) So even if it seems dark right now for you, hang in there and give it your best shot to make your marriage work. It’s worth it!!!!

Here’s to becoming a better husband!!!

Bryce – Fit 4 Life Staff

Friendship – Craft Night at Fit 4 Life – Building Community

Last night Fit 4 Life held its first craft night in the Upper Room at Fit 4 Life, our new gym in Glenfield on the North Shore. It was an evening designed to bring women together to chat and get to know one another whilst completing those pesky projects that have been weighing on our minds for months.

Over yummy supper (love those Afghan biscuits) and listening to music, we chatted and got working. Some of us were doing scrapbooking,some of us were doing beading and cross-stitching. It was a lot of fun and we look forward to repeating it next month.

So, if you looking for a break from the daily grind and want to get some of your creative juices flowing and you’re a woman….come to Fit 4 Life on Thursday nights once a month and join in. Gold coin donation for non-members to cover supper. Coffee and tea available and other drinks as well can be purchased.

Next date: June 10th, 2010

Faith, Hope and Relationships

Hey friends…

Recently I have been grieving some relationships in my life with people that I love.  It has been very painful for me as relationships are so important to me.  In these moments of grief, I am learning how much I need God in my life and how thankful I am that God understands me, accepts me and loves me unconditionally.  I’ve been learning a lot about God’s grace and I am thankful that His grace is truly sufficient for me and gets me through each day.  I can trust God because I choose to believe what He says in the Bible is true and I find complete freedom and love in this choice!!

I am a person that does get disappointed easily as I have high expectations. This is something I have been learning a lot about lately and I am working on lowering my expectations to ones that are more realistic.  There’s no way I can expect the people in my life to be perfect, because after all no one is perfect except God Himself!!  But, I still get disappointed by the people I care about. I am just learning lots about how to manage that disappointment.

I wanted to share a verse that gives me hope from Romans 5:5

HOPE does not disappoint us, because God has poured out His LOVE into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom He has given us!”

So if you are going through a hard time or you are grieving relationships…know that there is HOPE and most of all that you are soooo LOVED and cared for by God and He does understand exactly what you are going through in your life. I know this from experience and not just because I read it somewhere.

Paul wrote a letter to the church of Ephesus and as you can read below, he shared one of his prayers for them which is now my prayer for you who are reading this now…

“I pray that out of God’s glorious riches He may strengthen you with power through His Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God”

If you want to know more about how you can experience this unconditional love and acceptance, then come and talk to any of the Fit4Life staff…we each have a story here too and want to help you and care for you, and point you towards knowing the greatest love that you will ever experience.

Kirstie – Fit 4 Life Staff

Finance – Budgeting, buying online and paying less – Tips to help with YOUR finances!

This week is my turn to blog about finance.  This is not an area that I claim to have any special skill in, but I do have a few ideas that I have learned from others over the years.  I hope that these nuggets help you to do more with what you have.

The first thing I learned was from my Dad.  He is meticulous at tracking where his money goes.  This may not increase the amount you have but at the end of the month you know what you have spent money on and can adjust where needed.  Coming up with a simple system of recording your receipts and compiling them can make a huge difference.

Following on from that is budgeting.  Actually coming up with a simple budget that is realistic and comprehensive can make a huge difference between living paycheque to paycheque and creating some savings.  If you are a member at Fit 4 Life I would recommend making an appointment with Bryce if you want to learn how to put together a budget (it is not as hard as you may think).

Next is the fun part: spending! Everyone wants to find a good deal, but not everyone knows where to look or how to find one.  The most important thing is research.  There are lots of places where you could potentially get a great deal on something – Trade Me, Trade & Exchange, 1 day sale websites and store sales are just a few.  Here are some tips on Trade Me (and any other online auction):

  1. Don’t get too emotionally attached to the item.
  2. Make sure you ask questions and research the item being sold.  (I have been burned on this one several times. I thought it was a great thing but when it arrived – oops not quite what I thought).  If the seller is unwilling to answer questions or is not friendly – don’t bother with it.  If you research ahead of time and find out how much the item in question is actually worth and how available it is then you can make an educated bid or stop yourself overpaying or worse buying something used that you could get new with a store warranty for $5 more.
  3. Autobids are your friend.  Determine ahead of time the maximum that you want to spend then place the autobid and walk away.  Make sure you are careful to select the autobid button.  Be prepared for someone to beat your bid by 0.50 (which can be very annoying).
  4. Beware of cheap knockoffs.  A lot of stuff on trade me is cheap junk mass imported from Asia.  I am not saying things from Asia are bad, I am saying cheap knock off things from anywhere are.

When it comes to buying electronics there are some great ways to make sure you get a good deal.

  1. Once again do your research.  Store salespeople love to up-sell so that they get more commission.  Visit some good electronics stores and ask lots of questions, find out which brands have the accessories’ and features that will suit your application.
  2. Go to .  This website will give you a summary of prices from a whole bunch of retailers around NZ.  You might find the same item at a small store for way cheaper than you found it while doing your research.

I hope this info helps you make the most of your finances.

Feel free to contact me if you want some more details.

Jason – Fit 4 Life Staff